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SIWSSO Bowls League 2021

Hi all, It looks like at long last we are going to be able to get back on the greens. We will however need to follow some basic rules to ensure we are compliant with the Covid 19 regulations and to try and keep ourselves and others as safe as possible. Unfortunately we are missing a team this year as Poisoned Dwarves did not enter. We tried to recruit another team and had two enquiries however they elected not to join this year.

The team entry fees for this season will be £180. I have booked two rinks only for the first half of the season and if things improve I will book another rink for the second half. The rink hire is £1290 per rink. I have asked the council for a discount but to date have not had a reply. So, I expect we will have to pay around £3,100 for two and a half rinks.

Also I want to get cleaners to make sure the public side toilets are cleaned at least once a week so that will add a few quid to our costs. Sue and I have tried to tidy up the changing rooms, there were a lot of old jackets and kit left in there. We have put it all in black bags. If there is anything that you want back, please remove it by the end of May as we will be dumping the bags after then. Please try and ensure that the changing rooms are kept tidy and although changing rooms are allowed to open, social distancing should still be observed. Change outside where possible. Face coverings must be worn while in the changing room. Pay any due locker fees, (£3) to Jim winters, there may be some spare lockers available, let Jim know if you want one.

The league format will be as follows: For the first half of the season Triples, with 3 woods per person over 16 ends. Hopefully for the second half of the season Fours, 2 woods each over 18 ends, as normal. All games up until August bank holiday 18:15 start. After the bank holiday 18:00 start.

We hope to have the bar open for all games, but while drinking or eating, you must be seated, even if you bring your own refreshment. Table service will operate, please be patient. The club access and service will change as restrictions change Face coverings must be worn in the clubhouse, follow the one-way system which exits from the front of the building, (it’s easier to use the public toilets)

The club house cannot be used at present, to shelter from bad weather so come prepared. As we only have two rinks, any games that need reorganising will have to be played at weekends or later in the season. Please book in advance. No roll ups or practicing during league games. Some of the rinks are suffering from animal damage so please select an alternative rink closest to your allocated rink but at least 1 empty rink in between matches.

Can all teams let me know if they want to enter competitions, if so early rounds will have to be played at weekends.

Team captains please pass this round to all players.



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