Stevenage  Inter - Works  Sports & Social  Organization


A message from Paul Jaques 2021 season.

I hope you are well and looking forward, hopefully, to getting back to the green in 2021.  After much deliberation I have decided to step down as your Secretary / Treasurer after over ten years in the position.  I am pleased to tell you that Jim Winters has agreed to take over, and with his vast knowledge and experience of SIWSSO, will be an asset to the club.   I will of course support Jim in whatever way I can.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support over the years, and with Jim at the helm we will continue to grow and develop into the unique platform that is SIWSSO Bowls Club.

Look forward to seeing you all on the green in the near future.


What is S.I.W.S.S.O ?  (We call it "Swisso")

We are twenty lawn bowling teams in two leagues with up to ten players per team. Games are on weekday evenings at 6pm from the 1st May to 21st September.  All teams compete in League Matches, Team Knockouts (K/O's), with members playing Triples K/O's, Doubles K/O's, Mixed Pairs K/O's, and Single Player K/O's.  We have the largest  membership in Hertfordshire of over 200 players, with a following of supporters & spectators.  As we play after work, there is a casual & relaxed atmosphere, with no need to play in whites & greys, just a pair of flat soled shoes & bring a set of woods.  We play at King George V  "Stevenage Town Bowls Club" (Top rink only).  The bar is open most evenings during bowling for the refreshment of players & spectators.

The S.I.W.S.S.O LAWN  BOWLING LEAGUE was first contested in 1954 & team knockouts from 1956.

For the history of SIWSSO Click Here.


A piece of the history from Paul Jaques 2019 season.

I have been your Secretary & Treasurer since 2008.  At that AGM Greg Warman decided to step down and a suitable replacement was sought from the membership.  Jim Winters (bless him) stated that as I had retired in 2007 and had sweet F.A. to do I would make an excellent replacement.  It didn’t take the room long to agree that was a good idea (milliseconds) and the rest is history.

Over the last ten years we have seen many changes and improvements to the league, and have grow from 12 teams to 20 teams playing in two divisions, with over 200 members.

Teams that have come and gone include Stevenage Police, Plankton Factors, Green Rovers (Buses), Bright Sparks (Electricity Board), Marquis of Lorne, Postels, (GPO), Jackasses, Grasshoppers, John Lewis, Esa, &  Astronuts ( Astrium/Airbus) to name just a few.  Since 1954 most of the industry teams have gone and been taken over by pub & club teams.

We now hire 3 rinks to facilitate all the league and competitions that we play.  The cost to hire a rink in 2008 was £844, the cost this season will be £1206, an increase per year of just under 3%, which is still pretty good value.

The hardest part of the job in the early days was preparing the fixtures and competitions, so I am forever grateful to Loz for joining the team and computerising that side of the job.

Loz is also the brains behind this fantastic Web Site we have which has enabled us to communicate to you all.

Enjoy your bowling and have a great season.

Paul. J


TOTAL 2019 WAS 3170 VISITS up to 14180

TOTAL 2018 WAS 2600 VISITS up to 10010

TOTAL 2017 WAS 2110 VISITS up to 7410

TOTAL 2016 WAS 2100 VISITS up to 5300

TOTAL 2015 WAS  3200 VISITS from start up