Stevenage  Inter - Works  Sports & Social  Organization

That's it! all 336 games have been played.

Thank you to all the players during this difficult time, by adhering to the local rules & restrictions due to Covid.

Thanks to THE BAR STAFF for their professional response to our unhealthy drink problems.

Thanks to Stevenage Town Bowls Club for allowing the use of their bar.

We hope to see you all at the A.G.M, & to the return of normal bowling at SIWSSO 2022.

What is S.I.W.S.S.O ? (We call it "SWISSO")

It is a legacy name from the beginnings of Stevenage Industrial expansion in 1950's. "Such an organization would help employees of the new firms locating in the New Town to settle and participate in sports and enjoy a social life in completely new surroundings".

Now we are all that's left, twenty lawn bowling teams in two leagues with up to ten players per team. League Games are on weekday evenings at 6pm from the 1st May to 21st September. All teams compete in League Matches, Team Knockouts (K/O's), with members playing Triples K/O's, Doubles K/O's, Mixed Pairs K/O's, and Single Player K/O's. We have the largest membership in Hertfordshire of over 200 players, with a following of supporters & spectators. As we play after work, there is a casual & relaxed atmosphere, with no need to play in whites & greys, just a pair of flat soled shoes & bring your a set of woods. We play at King George V "Stevenage Town Bowls Club" (Top rink only). The bar is open most evenings during bowling for the refreshment of players & spectators.

The S.I.W.S.S.O LAWN BOWLING LEAGUE was first contested in 1954 & team knockouts from 1956


TOTAL 2020 WAS 1820  VISITS up to 16000

TOTAL 2019 WAS 3170 VISITS up to 14180

TOTAL 2018 WAS 2600 VISITS up to 10010

TOTAL 2017 WAS 2110 VISITS up to 7410

TOTAL 2016 WAS 2100 VISITS up to 5300

TOTAL 2015 WAS  3200 VISITS from start up