Requirements for hosting Pub Games Night.

1: Two teams of ten people or more with 2 captains.

2: A Dart Board set up correctly for 301 & two sets of darts.

3: Two packs of standard playing cards.

4: A set of standard dominoes.

5: Three cribbage style score boards.

6: A standard size Pool Table / Snooker Table or other similar game (Deck quoits).

7: Three empty tables with seating for 4 players, for cards & dominoes (green baize tops would be good).

8: A scorers/time keeper area & score sheets, also a Bell/siren/whistle.

9: An Open Bar for refreshments.

Other possible games, Bar Billiards, Shove Halfpenny, Bar Skittles, Quoits, Carpet bowls, Table shuffle Board, Table Football/Foosball, Axe Throwing, Air Hockey, Yahtzee, Jenga, Ladder toss, Corn-hole??? (Bean Bag Toss)

1: All games to be played in Team Pairs.
2: A Minimum of ten players are required to play or forfeit one of the games & points. More than 10 players are allowed, over the Tournament.
3: Players must ONLY play in each of the games ONCE.
4: All Players must be recorded on the official score sheet before the Tournament starts.
5: Players can play the whole tournament as a pairing, but changing games each round.
6: A bell, buzzer or whistle will start the session & end the session.
7: Each round will be 30 minutes with a 10 minute break afterwards, this is depending on start time.
8: In Card Games & Dominoes the hand needs to be played out for a result.
9: Darts & Pool to stop at the End Bell/Buzzer or Whistle. (30 Minutes) 
10: ONLY the Nominated Team Captains can report the scores to the official time keeper & scorer.
11: Games maybe conceded if there is no chance of changing the out come.
12: In Darts, nearest the bull to decided who goes 1st, then mugs away after that.
13: In Pool, a toss of a coin for 1st break then mugs away after that.
14: 2 points for a win & 1 point for a draw.